Robert A. Hefner

Museum of Natural History

The Hefner Museum will be closed November 25-29 and reopen November 30, 2015.


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Thanks to an extensive renovation in 2001, the Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History harkens back to an earlier era: Antique display cases, wood cabinetry, earth-toned interiors and subtle lighting create the feel of an old-time museum. But visitors of all ages will find the experience thoroughly modern as they explore exhibits that offer intriguing collections, explanatory signage, striking photographs and graphics, and pertinent children's literature.

Visitors have called The Hefner “warm and inviting” and “a surprise treasure among small museums.” We invite you to spend some time with us and hope that by visit's end, you'll readily agree.


The Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History is dedicated to promoting an understanding of, and an appreciation for, nature and the human place in it.

Through its exhibits and collections, The Hefner helps visitors to understand and appreciate the importance of animal biodiversity, conservation and ecology.


The Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History's primary audiences are Miami University students, faculty and staff; preK-12 students, teachers and parents/guardians; and the general public. The museum also supports pertinent research and educational projects conducted by non-Miami scholars.