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(Miami Students, check out the classes the Hefner is offering. For more information about our current class, Watershed Education: Designing an Interactive Exhibit for the General Public BIO400: Zoology Capstone Seminar, go to our Classes page link above.

Check out another class being offered in Spring 2014 – Early Childhood Environmental Educator Certification.)


The Hefner Museum is utilized by many different entities across campus and from the community. Here is a sprinkling of some of our most recent events.


FLC tour and meetingThe Hefner Museum hosted a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) meeting and tour. Museum staff, Cecilia Berg, lead members of the committee through the museum highlighting exhibits that exemplify how nature works, the interdependence of living and nonliving things, human interactions with nature and its consequences, and the interdisciplinary approach evident throughout the museum's interpretive signage.



39th Annual Hefner Lecture 2013 and Reception

Dr. Adam Boyko: 101 Genomes: Studying Dogs in the Genomic Era

Held Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boyko Lecture EventVillage Dog PeruAdam Boyko
"Man's best friend" comes in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, colors, and other traits. Dr. Adam Boyko discussed how natural and artificial selection have shaped the domestic dog genome, what the genetics of village dogs (semi-feral dogs found in much of the world) tell us about the modern genetic architecture of specific canine traits, and the implications for our understanding of complex disease in dogs, humans, and other species. A reception followed his talk at the Hefner Museum. Thanks to all who came out to see his talk and for supporting the programs offered by the museum.


An assortment of treasures for "Man's best friend" are on sale at the museum. Student museum workers created coloring books, postcards, and greeting cards. Our museum staff naturalist, Don Koller, created scroll saw bookmarks made of dogwood. Stop by to see this wonderful display of treasures. Ask a museum associate if you are interested in purchasing any homemade dog treats for your "special best friend."

Cash and checks made payable to Miami University are accepted.


Check out Dr. Boyko's blog. We are sure you will find it quite interesting.

Adam Boyko's Blog: The Science of Dogs

Lucy Braun Exhibit with Dr. Sally G. Kohlstedt, Allison Burko, and Kimberly HamlinOn October 17, 2013, Dr. Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, a premiere historian of science in the US and longtime advocate of women in science, presented Uncovering the Past and Charting the Future of Women in Science to an attentive audience at Upham Hall as part of the 2013 Gender, Science, and Technology Speaker Series. Following Dr. Kohlstedts's talk, the Hefner Museum hosted a reception for the speaker. At that time, we unveiled a new exhibit, A Trail through the Woods: The Legacy of Lucy Braun, created by Miami undergraduate, Allison Burko, and supervised by Cecilia Berg, Mike Secrest, and Don Koller. The exhibit looks at the myriad contributions of Emma Lucy Braun, a pioneering woman botanist, naturalist, and conservationist from southwest Ohio. Be sure to stop by and see this new exhibit!