10 Ways to Protect our Environment

Are you concerned about our environment? Well that makes two of us - listen, below are ten awesome ways to aid our environment and possible even help reverse and reduce a few of the harmful effects we have already caused.

EnvironmentalEducationOhio Riding a Bike Instead of Car Ride 1. Drive Less and Walk More.

It is plain and simple, the smaller amount of time you spend driving, the smaller amount of Carbon Dioxide you will release into the atmosphere. Honestly, it can be as easy as carpooling with a friend to help reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Choose to Drive a Greener Car.

If not driving isn't really an option then it is time to purchase a fuel efficient car. You can find a fuel efficient car today that fits pretty close to anyone's budget.

EnvironmentalEducationOhio Reusable Bag 3. Purchase Reusable Grocery Bags.

Although, plastic trash bags claim they are biodegradable - unfortunately they are not. Purchase and utilize cloth grocery bags. They last quite a while and are all around beneficial for the environment. We take less from our plant the more that we reuse.

4. Use Recyclable Goods.

Only purchase goods that are made from recyclable material or that can be recycled themselves. Once again - the less we take the less we waste.

EnvironmentalEducationOhio Recyclable Goods 5. Recycle Everything.

It is obviously common sense that the more we recycle the less wasteful we are. So, take the extra step to recycle as much as possible.

6. Try Composting.

Utilizing compost improves the environment by bettering the soil. This action aids in reducing waste. It is extremely easy to set up a relatively small compost bin in your garage or backyard. Composting can even be profitable - you can sell the composted material to your friends or neighbors if you do not find a use for it. Compost is great for helping a garden to flourish.

EnvironmentalEducationOhio "Save Water" Poster 7. Conserve Water.

An easy way to aid in protecting the environment is through water conservation. Use dual flush toilets, efficient water appliances, and lower flow shower nozzles. Or ensure that you only wash dishes or laundry when the load is full to the brim.

8. Use Houseplants.

Not only do houseplants beautify the home, but they can also purify your air instead of using air fresheners. Just think a completely not toxic home through the use of houseplants. Don't forget to water them!

EnvironmentalEducationOhio Tree Planting 9. Plant Trees.

Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide like their is no tomorrow and they can help reduce air conditioning bills in the summer with all of their shade. Not to mention they are beautiful to glance upon.

10. Teach Your Children Good Habits.

Tell your children how important it is to take care of our environment. Not only tell them, but teach them how to protect it. Our children our the future.

Each of these suggestions are easy and simple ways to implement protecting our environment into our everyday lives. If we all did one thing everyday to aid the environment then together we all could add up making a huge difference.