Earth Day has passed but the recycling shouldn't end

Environmental Education Ohio Sea Water With Oil On April, 22 of every year we have Earth day. Earth day is a fairly new celebrated holiday. It is celebrated to keep global awareness that the environment needs protection because there was once a time when we didn't know the damage we were causing. It has been so successful though, that it is now honored in almost 200 countries.
The idea of keeping our environment clean is so new that, it was only in the year 2000 the UK finally banned their last leaded gas cars. That was barely 16 years ago. Also, 15 years before that The Clean Water Act was passed putting restrictions on factory water pollution. Can you believe a little over 30 years ago there were no regulations on businesses for what pollution came out of their factories and into our water? The environment needed to be protected hence the reason for the creation of The Environmental Protection Agency. So now, every 365 days we celebrate the day when the Earth Day Network was created.
Earth day may be over but that doesn't mean all efforts to keep the environment clean should dissipate. There are environmental friendly efforts that can be made each and every day! For example, in order to have less gas pollution in the air you could carpool with a friend or schoolmates. Also, driving the speed limit helps to reduce gas pollution as well.
Environmental Education Ohio Controlled Burning of Oil A few more ideas to help preserve the environment is going paperless with your bills and mail. This can help save a tree. Speaking of saving trees, another option is to plant a tree. Trees are one of the worlds main sources of oxygen. Lastly, you could refill an already used water bottle and save on plastic. Plastic is a high pollutant in our world, especially in our oceans.
If you like our forests and oceans doing one of these few preventative measures listed above every day will make a huge difference. There are many more ways to help our environment and you can learn them by visiting Earth Day is really everyday of the year. Lets protect our planet.