Green Economy

Environmental Education Ohio Wind Generator Even a decade ago not many people were able to imagine what new problems and opportunities the future has prepared for us. How can you make sure that we are ready to face them?
The world's "green economy" is rising extremely fast. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, in the next 4 years it will be worth about $3 trillion. But what do you know about the green economy?
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allots $50 billion for so-called "green jobs". What are the features which define a job as a "green" one?
"Green Pathways to the Future" Teacher Institute will provide you with detailed answers on these and many other questions. These highly professional development institutions will get to know all the information from the primary source. At morning meetings you'll hear about activity and future plans connected with green economy sectors which are listed below:

Environmental Education Ohio Solar Panels During afternoon breakout sessions you can consult with experts and even get acquainted with effective curriculum resources. Using them, you will gain an opportunity to apply your new experience and improve your skills and activities. Don't miss your chance!

Who should attend the sessions?

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