Hunger in the U.S.

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It has been six years since the initial onset of the United States economic and financial crisis and hunger within America is still at its all time high. The 2008 outspread of economic and financial downfall within the U.S. sparked an increase in hunger throughout the states. It is rumored that in 2013 the hunger stabilized but it seems many are still going without food. In the year 2014 one in seven families were deficient in food supply. This equals out to fourteen percent of households or in total seventeen million homes without enough food to feed their families. This is a step up from the all time high of food deficiency recorded in 2011 when there was almost fifteen percent of households food insecure. If this wasn't bad enough also in 2014 almost six percent of homes had low food security. This means almost seven million families did not know if their food would last through out the week and had to reduce their food intake or alter their eating patterns. These families had limited resources for food.

Over nine percent of homes with children present were food insecure as well. This means that over three million families with in the course of the year could not provide enough food for their children. This means children went without proper nutrition. Many of these households parents went without food in order to feed their children as well as their children reducing their food intake. A family that was food secure spent an average of twenty six percent more on food than a family that spent the year food insecure. These families were the same exact size. These rates of food insecurity are significantly higher than the pervious national average of families that are below the Federal poverty line as well as households lead by a single parent.

In 2006 the United States recorded that families whom lacked financial stability also lacked the resources for food. This ultimately meant that as these families tried to change their eating patterns and reduce their food intake but ended up going days without food during the year. The United States needs to face the facts that our economy is still failing. We need to come together and feed America.