Top Environmental Scholarships

These days many families find it hard to afford high cost college tuition fees, and competition is pretty tough in eco-academia. But if you plan to start your career in the green business don't fall into despair and take advantage of environmental funding opportunities listed below. Despite fierce competition, it makes sense to apply for the funding you need to get the degree in the environmental field that will help you start your future environmental career. Here are some of the most prestigious and best-paying environmental scholarships you shouldn't miss!

1. Annie's Homegrown Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship

Annie's Homegrown is not only famous for its bunny-adorned boxes of organic mac-n-cheese, but also its deep commitment to sustainable agriculture. Each year, it grants from $2,500 to $10,000 to gifted undergraduate and graduate students pursuing food- and agriculture-related degrees.

2. Brower Youth Awards (Earth Island Institute)

David Brower is an outstanding environmentalist boasting three Nobel Peace Prize nominations, who was the first executive director of the Sierra Club. He also founded Friends of the Earth, League of Conservation Voters and the Earth Island Institute. Since his death in 2000, the Brower Youth Awards is given annually to six young environmental activists and students (age 13-22). The award includes monetary grant of $3,000 along with an opportunity to stay in San Francisco for a week and take part in the Bioneers conference.

2. Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Education Scholarship

Minority students who dwell and study in Missouri are eligible for $1,000 renewable award. Undergraduate and graduate scholars pursuing a wide range of degrees, such as wildlife management, environmental chemistry, environmental law, as well as civil, mechanical, agricultural or environmental engineering, geology and biology can apply.

4. Dr. W. Wesley Eckenfelder Scholarship

Students majoring in civil, chemical or environmental engineering and environmental science can get $3,000 of the annual scholarship named after a trailblazing scientist Dr. Eckenfelder recognized by Environmental Protection magazine as one of three "20th Century Pollution Control Pioneers".

5. Garden Club of America Scholarships

The GCA grants a series of botanical scholarships to both working professionals (e.g. landscape architects and horticulturists) and students. The applicants may count on three scholarships ($2,000 each) awarded to support environmental studies during the summer season.

6. National Environmental Health Association Scholarship

Graduates and undergraduates specialising in environmental health and public health are eligible for $1,000 of financial support to be spent on tuition and fees during their junior or senior year. This scholarship encourages students' "early commitment" to the environmental education.

7. Middlebury Fellowship in Environmental Journalism

Middlebury College's Environmental Journalism Fellowship awards10 budding writers for an "ambitious reporting project in print, Web-based or radio journalism" by providing $10,000 a year to cover their living and reporting expenses, plus in-person trainings.

8. Morris K. Udall Scholarship

In the 1960s, Morris Udall was a member of the Arizona House of Representatives and pushed several important conservation laws, including the Alaska lands act of 1980, which increased the territory of the national park system almost twice. Today, the Udall Foundation awards annual scholarships of $5,000 to 80 undergraduates majoring in environmental studies, as well as Native American and Alaska Native students who are researching tribal public policy or native health care. In addition to financial support the students are invited to participate in a weeklong leadership conference in Tucson, Arizona.

9. Switzer Foundation Fellowship

Grad students with exceptional grades in environmental subjects living in New England and California can apply for the Switzer Environmental Fellowship program. The winners will be given a one-year $15,000 award for their graduate study, plus leadership support and opportunities to collaborate with their peers.

10. Nordstrom Scholarship

Since 1994 Nordstrom has been awarding its annual college scholarships of $10,000 to industrious high school students who are dreaming of getting to college. The grant is paid in equal instalments of $2,500 over four years to students who attend the 4- year university or college of their choice. This way Nordstrom helps bright and hardworking young people start a brilliant career.
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