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Welcome to Environmental Education Ohio

green money

Welcome to our site. On this website, you will learn how to live a greener more environmentally friendly life.   We will teach to reduce your negative impact and how to reduce your waste.  An extra benefit of most of the things we will teach you on this site is that they will also help to improve your economy.  Anyone who wants to live greener or improve their economy should read our tips.  Some of our tips allow you to to earn money while you turn garbage into things people are willing to pay for.  Sounds interesting? if you should read our guide about upcycling.

upcycleThe economic benefits of going green can be significant and you should work to reduce your waste even if you do not care about the environment.  It is simply the logical thing to do.  You might not agree with all of our tips on this website,  You might not want to take the train instead of a flight or take military showers.  But I am sure that anyone who reads this website will find at least 50% of our advice ‘to be beneficial for their life and wallet.

I recommend that you find stocks to buy and invest the money you save into environmental technology companies.  This allows you to further profit while helping promote positive change.   It is always best to try to find solutions that are both greener and benefit to your economy.  Solutions that have a positive effect on the individual as well as help the individual is easier to implement and is more likely to become common practice.  Solutions that add extra work or extra expenses are less likely to be widely adopted since most people will fail to do so.  Many people believe life is too hard without adding extra challenges.

This is why we here at Environmental Education  Ohio tries to promote easy solutions with economical benefits.  These are easiest to adopt.  Those among our readers who have the passion to look for more advanced solutions will have no trouble finding them.  This website is for beginners and people who are looking for easy ways to help the environment.  Solutions that can be adopted by every one and that will have a large impact if everybody does so.