Tips for using less electricity

Do you want to save money and the planet? In the list below, you´ll find easy-to-do tips that can reduce a household´s electricity consumption.


Unplug idle electrical equipment

Many electrical gadgets devour plenty of electricity even when they aren´t being used. Make a habit out of unplugging your gadgets, such as the TV and the microwave, when they aren´t in use. Even chargers consume energy in idle mood, as long as they are plugged into a socket.

If you want to simplify things, get a power strip with a turn-off button and plug multiple electronics into it. Then, simply turn off the power strip when the gadgets are not in use. This is much easier than unplugging each appliance individually, and you don´t have to bother with pulling cords out of sockets.

Take charge of your lamp situation

How is your home lit and is this the optimal solution for your needs? Many of us have homes that are lit with light bulbs that are way to powerful and energy-consuming for what we need.

Yes, there are definitely areas of a home where powerful bulbs are warranted. But there are also plenty of spaces where this isn´t the case.

So, instead of simply using low-energy bulbs instead of the old-fashion type, start exchanging your powerful strong bulbs for milder ones that consume less energy and produce a cozier living environment. You are hopefully not doing surgery in your bedroom, so why the floodlights? You don´t need to illuminate the whole bedroom with bright strong lights just because you like to read in bed – go for a properly aimed bedside lamp that you can turn on specifically for those in-bed reading sessions.

Heating and cooling

Are you heating and/or cooling your home using electricity? If so, you might be able to cut the size of your electricity bill by making sure your home is properly insulated and seal all the leaks. This is a case where getting a professional to do an audit might actually save you money in the long run, since electric heaters and air conditioners tend to gobble up our money like there´s no tomorrow when utilized in a home with improper insulation and costly leaks.

solar panels

Be smart about the washing machine

  • Wait until you have a full load. (Yes, letting your laundry pile-up is actually a good thing.) However, don´t overload the machine because that´s bad too. Find the Goldilocks-amount and stick to it.
  • Don´t wash clothes in warmer water than required. Today´s modern washers and modern detergents are more powerful than what our great-grandmothers had to make do with.
  • Don´t use more detergent than recommended. Using too much detergent can force you to give the clothes an extra rinse just to get it out.
  • Are you washing used but not overly dirty clothes simply because you don´t know what else to do with them? Arrange a space in your home where worn clothes can be allowed to air. In many cases, they don´t need to be washed – just aired out a bit. Make a habit out of hanging that sweater up to air instead of throwing it in a corner.